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System administrator

System administrator for over 15 years, I offer my services to individuals Ltd., SMEs, ... for establish various services, the creation of parks, needs study, server installations in data center installation, configuration services and managed services, backup, monitoring with email alerts and SMS ....

Managed Services

Since 2009, I support my clients in developing their system and IT infrastructure across France and the world, in sectors very varied activities.
Whether you are a small shop, an SME or a large business, my course of action remains the same:

Being at your disposal to offer innovative and effective solutions tailored to your budget and your needs.

Hosting / Domain / SSL

My expertise also permit me to offer you to host your website or store dedicated server with or without domain name or SSL certificate.
Feel free to contact me to discuss about your needs..

Mes références

Voici une liste non exhaustive des entreprises qui me confient l'administration ainsi que la gestion de différents systèmes au sein de leur(s) infrastructure(s).


Dans un premier temps, nous allons déterminer quelle(s) solution(s) peux vous être proposée(s).


Nous allons ensuite définir ensemble le cahier des charges ainsi que la technologie employée.


Nous passons dans l'ultime phase, développement et réalisation de la/des solution(s) proposée(s).

Latest projects

Retrouvez ici mes dernières réalisations, en terme de site internet ou de panneau de gestion/applicatif PHP.